Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Pittsburgh, PA!-- Well, despite all the delays and terrible service from Delta, we made it back home safe and sound. Our four month trip is over. That reality has still not set in yet. It's an odd feeling, a combination of sadness to see our journey end, as well as joy and excitement to come home to America and Pittsburgh. The melancholy gives way however when I think that we come back to a bright future.

We ended our trip on a high note- at a real British Pub, established 100years before we were born, for our last dinner abroad. The barman, a humorous and affable chap, befriended me as I ordered our Fish n Chips and veggie Sausage and Mash. I told him to have "one for himself," attempting to tip him the English way  by buying him a drink. He laughed at my attempt at British social culture saying that was "Very kind of you, Sir!" We scarfed down the delicious (though very heavy) food and bitters while we reminisced about the last four months. On the way out, we told the barman that it was our last night abroad and he replied "Oh No!" We laughed and he added "Good luck." Good luck getting home and good luck with the rest of our lives.

Thank you all for following our trip over the last four plus months. We've enjoyed sharing it with you immensely and it's wonderful to know that even though we were very far away, that so many people still care about us.

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