Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some Loose Ends

Ok. There were definitely a lot of loose ends from our last post and the last week in general that we didn't get to write because Shabbat was coming. I also want to apologize for any poor grammar and hurried spelling!

1. Daniel had to walk Jasper, the neighbor's wiener-dog mutt

2. On the first day of Passover, Ben came back from behind to beat Yosef, the youngest Goldstein, in Battleship. This meant that Yosef had to be quiet for the rest of the day, a difficult task for such a verbose clown. If he failed, he would have to pick up Jasper's poop--he chickened out

3. The Lowengrubs made Ruth's Brisket for the seder and it was delish

4. The South Africans made their own Mayo which was really good.

5. We made little pyramid placecards with English, Hebrew and hieroglyphics for the seder, an activity which took several hours.

We finally added new pictures to the facebook album of France and we added captions describing everything. (The new pictures start at #91) See them here!

We also made a new album of our trip here in Israel (in Jerusalem and Rehovot). See the link.

Tonight, we saw Alice in Wonderland. Betsy's first time seeing a 3D movie. It was strange to do an activity that is a normal recreational thing-- we haven't even watched tv in a month. So, our time here in Rehovot is ending. It was a really nice break. The Lowengrubs spoiled us a lot and we have to get ready for the "real" world again. We will miss being around such a wonderful family.


  1. Dad and I had many laughs looking at your photos. We especially loved the "Bazarland" and "Naki/Dog" and thank you, Bets, for the Iris pic! It was great seeing Ben with the proud smile on his face in front of the steps, which were truly beautiful. You can redo our steps by the side of the house when you return! Israel also looked amazing and we're so glad you got to spend it with such special friends. They're really much more -- they're family. BFF, still! It looks like every day brings more amazing sights and moments and we're so happy you two are sharing such wonderful adventures and letting all of us in on it, too. The blogs are WONDERFUL! Keep on blogging and taking pictures -- it lets us in the States live vicariously through you two.

  2. Beautiful pics of Israel. There's alot more...color? in the pictures than I expected. Either way, it's nice to see that you're in such neat surroundings, and that the smiles on your faces seem to indicate you're enjoying yourselves. Had a really nice time in Pittsburgh, although we missed both of you at the seder. I also came back to DC to find your postcard waiting, which was a nice surprise. Keep having a blast!

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